In lack of idea for Christmas? And why not a subscription to Shadow for 30 euros / month without commitment?

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    What if you offered a PC gamer as a Christmas present to one of your loved ones? With Shadow, it is quite possible, since it is possible to access a PC gamer in the cloud for 30 euros per month. A price that no longer requires any commitment.

You have heard about Shadow in recent months. And for good reason, this PC gamer service in the cloud is held by a French company – Blade – which has largely revised its fee schedule in recent weeks. A few days ago, to enjoy Shadow without subscription, you had to pay 44.95 euros per month. Since the beginning of the month – and until January 9 – this price has dropped to 30 euros per month. Which is roughly the price with a one-year commitment.
The equivalent of a big PC gamer equipped with a GeForce GTX 1080
And it's a great idea for a last-minute Christmas present. Provided you have a good connection to the Internet (the minimum necessary to run Shadow is a connection to 15 Mb / s ADSL, VDSL or even 4G, you can do the test here), you can offer the equivalent of a very good PC gamer for 30 euros per month, 360 euros in the year. This PC contains the equivalent of a GeForce GTX 1080, an Intel Xeon with 8 dedicated threads, 12 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD storage space that can be extended to 1 TB with additional option. PC in the cloud requires, its download speed is 1 Gb / s. Everything is installed under Windows 10, on which you can install absolutely everything you want: games, but also photo editing software or video for example.

Specifically, it is possible to run any game in definitions up to 4K (60 Hz). As for the fact that this PC is in the cloud … It does not change anything on a daily basis. To access it, simply launch a client on his own computer – even if it is old and slow – and that's it. The keyboard, the mouse, the headphones, but also the microphone and the camera (if you want to stream) are automatically taken into account by Shadow, without any additional adjustment.

Finally, note that Shadow also has mobile applications. It is therefore possible to launch a game session on your smartphone or tablet using 4G, thanks to dedicated iOS and Android applications and a Bluetooth controller.
                        Imagine being able to play the latest PC games on your smartphone, and with Shadow it's now possible!
Shadow works …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        The power of a PC gamer on your smartphone
                                                                Play the latest PC games on your phone
                                                                Accessible everywhere in 4G or WiFi
Trackmania² Stadium offered during the promotion period
Shadow's Christmas offer is available until January 9, 2019 at 30 euros per month and unlimited. Because the subscription is non-binding, it's a great way to test the cloud gaming experience at a reduced price. In addition, by taking the offer now you will get the free game Trackmania² Stadium. It will be directly associated with your account on Maniaplanet from December 15th.
             Enjoy Shadow at 30 euros per month without commitment
NB: We would like to point out that Humanoid co-founder Ulrich Rozier is a shareholder in the Blade (Shadow) group


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