In photography, the Galaxy S10 Plus does as well as the Mate 20 Pro according to DxOMark

DxOMark has just posted, the day after the announcement, the results of its Galaxy S10 + test. Verdict … he takes first place tie with the last two Huawei smartphones.

While waiting for our tests of Galaxy S10, you can find our much more complete handling of the Galaxy S10 and 10+, and that of the Galaxy S10e. You can also watch our video. But that's not all, DxOMark has just posted its Galaxy S10 + test.
The French specialist in photography gave him a total score of 109 points, including 114 points in photo and 97 points in video. He therefore takes first place in the standings, tied with the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro.

With the Galaxy S10 +, Samsung unveiled a device with a camera that compares with the best of our DxOMark Mobile ranking. For still images, the S10 + gets 114 points, thanks to an outstanding dynamic range as well as a very good simulation in terms of exposure, color and bokeh. The new Samsung is also capable of capturing excellent video files, with nice colors, good exposure and smooth framing, thanks to very good image stabilization.
The Galaxy S10 + comes with the best camera we have ever seen on a Samsung smartphone. This will undoubtedly be one of the devices of 2019. As with other cameras with a similar camera configuration, the S10 + ultra-wide angle camera did not have an impact on its DxOMark score. Nevertheless, it could be considered by many as a very useful tool, making the Galaxy S10 an even more attractive smartphone.
However, it seems unfortunate that the DxOMark protocol does not sufficiently take into account the third ultra wide angle camera.
Regarding the front camera, the Galaxy S10 Plus is the best smartphone for selfies according to DxOMark with 96 points in front of the Google Pixel 3.
Here is the current DxO Mark ranking:
Find our grip much more complete Galaxy S10 and 10+, and the Galaxy S10e. You can also watch our video.


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