In the face of declining sales, Samsung puts everything on its foldable smartphone

We recently learned that Samsung's sales had dropped by the end of 2018. Hark-sang Kim from Samsung describes this fall as natural, and highlights that the future will be played on foldable smartphones.

What is happening in early 2019? The year has started with more than astonishing news for who follows the smartphone market in recent years. Apple fell from its second place to Huawei, while Samsung suffered a relatively large decline in sales.
The Korean manufacturer has decided to speak on the subject through an editorial posted by Hark-sang Kim, vice president of Samsung Mobile and senior manager of the R & D division of the group. The opportunity to understand the future vision of the brand, which will necessarily pass through … the Galaxy F, its first foldable smartphone.
Foldable smartphones are the next revolution according to Samsung
Indeed, the man argues in these lines that the decline in sales is closely linked to the fact that the market is starting to stagnate. It must be said that the figures of analysts prove him right: if Huawei climbs, the market itself does not grow significantly. Only the actors finally change places.
For Mr. Kim, it is only a proof that a new revolution must happen. And of course, foldable smartphones are this revolution, and Samsung has been working on it for over 7 years now, with the first presentation of its folding screens. The challenge was not just to integrate these screens, but also to transform the internal components to follow the logic of a foldable and foldable device in many points.
He expects the shape of smartphones to evolve drastically over the next few years, thereby boosting innovation and market growth. And of course, Samsung will be one of the first on this front.
Investors, rest assured
This editorial did not come out by chance. The subdued results of Samsung have not reassured investors against the Chinese manufacturer Huawei who seems all-powerful since the year 2018. It is thus intended to reassure them by arguing that a next wave is coming.
But nothing is really certain. If foldable smartphones have the potential to be the new face of tomorrow's smartphones, they can also be innovation too. What's more, Samsung will not be alone: ​​the collapsible smartphone from Huawei is expected at the MWC 2019, while other manufacturers like Xiaomi or Oppo are also preparing to compete.
Also, even if foldable smartphones launch a new wave, the Korean manufacturer may end up in the same situation as last year: defeated in key markets like India or China because of rivals lower prices for devices as attractive as his. His technological advance will have to be really marked to work if he does not consider changing his marketing strategy.
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