Intel dreams of a foldable smartphone in three, and relaunches the idea of ​​a Surface Phone

Intel has filed a patent for a foldable smartphone that would turn into a tablet. The device would run on Windows and reminds the project Andromeda Microsoft.
An image created to reflect the design imagined by Intel
While only the Rouyu handset has been introduced at the moment, smartphones and foldable tablets already seem to be one of the trends of the year. Samsung's collapsible smartphone will soon be on its way, like Huawei's. These smartphones are all provided with Android, but Intel dreams of a Windows device. The website Let's Go Digital was able to get hold of a patent detailing such a product.
Foldable screen in three parts
In it, Intel describes a smartphone whose screen could unfold in three parts and become a large tablet, wide enough. This design allows to imagine a multitude of modes of use, especially as the smartphone would be provided with a stylus.

The drawings of the Intel patent
Thus, it will be possible to use it as a smartphone when it is completely folded, as a shelf when unfolded, or as an intermediate device playing with two parts only. In this mode, and like a Nintendo DS, it would be possible to use the lower part as input area, while the result appears on the upper part of the screen.
It can be noted that the screen would be completely borderless, with holes to let the front sensors pass like the camera. This is another trend in 2019, illustrated by the Honor View 20 for example.

Microsoft is working on a suitable version of Windows
Intel is not a device manufacturer, but the firm regularly designs devices to sell its technologies or inspire manufacturers. It is therefore difficult to imagine the brand one day market this foldable smartphone under Windows. On the other hand, this patent shows that this trend of the mobile world could also land on PC.
Microsoft has been working on the Andromeda project for several years, and wants to adapt Windows 10 to new designs this year. A preview of Windows 10 with a suitable interface for folding devices was published internally in January. The firm also has its project Centaurus.
In 2018, Intel unveiled its Tiger Rapids project at Computex, a foldable computer with a touch screen on one side and an E-ink screen on the other. Other manufacturers like Asus and Lenovo have already shown interest in this type of project.

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