iPhone XI: Apple still would not offer fast charger in the box

While more and more manufacturers are offering fast chargers with their smartphones, Apple is still confined to a simple charger 5W for its next iPhone, expected next fall.

It is only next September that we should discover the next range of Apple smartphones, probably the iPhone XI and XI Max. But seven months from their presentation, the Japanese site Mac Otakara, specializing in the news of the American manufacturer, was able to obtain some information on the charging system of these future iPhone.
The site has indeed learned from a manufacturer of iPhone accessories that Apple should keep its lightning socket for its next smartphones. Moreover, the company should continue to offer a simple 5W charger in the box of its devices, not a more powerful sector block, these remaining optional. The interest for Apple would be mainly to save the costs of its smartphones and retain pre-existing accessories, already using the Lightning port.
40W or 50W chargers at Oppo or Huawei
In recent months, there have been rumors of iPhone prototypes currently under development that would use a USB-C plug and not a Lightning port. Apple had also jumped to the USB-C in 2018, incorporating this connection on its third generation iPad Pro.
Above all, in the face of the iPhone, more and more manufacturers offer fast charging blocks, sometimes up to 50W in the case of super VOOC charging Oppo Find X, or even 40W in the case of Huawei Mate 20 Pro. At Apple, it will obviously be content with a simple charger 5W, even in 2019.
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