iPhone XI: to integrate the reverse charging, Apple would have planned larger batteries

While Apple's smartphones have had wireless charging for nearly two years now, Taiwan-based analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the future iPhone XI will have reverse charging.
Putting a wireless charging device on the back of his iPhone would reload it
Extremely reliable source in Apple products, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo continues to distil some information on the new iPhone XI. In the manner of a Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S10, future smartphones with the apple could recharge a device supporting wireless charging.
Rumors about this feature had intensified with the arrival of the AirPods 2 and their wireless charging box. With the AirPower canceled, Apple can not afford to leave the world of wireless charging to its competitors without even offering a tiny resistance.
Ming-Chi Kuo says:
"We believe that the 2019 iPhone will support reverse wireless charging. Even if they would not be the first high-end smartphones to incorporate this feature, they would make it much more convenient for the user to recharge the AirPods and create a better user experience between the iPhone and the AirPods. "
IPhone with a bigger battery
To prevent this reverse charging does not weaken too much autonomy of the iPhone, Apple would also have chosen to increase the capacity of the batteries. Not too soon.
Still according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the successor of the iPhone XS Max would increase its capacity by 15% compared to its predecessor, that of the XR should not increase significantly while that of the iPhone XS "classic" should win by 25%! An increase that would fully recharge the case of AirPods without greatly altering the autonomy of the smartphone.
To know if all this is true, it will be necessary to wait for the keynote dedicated to the future iPhone that will probably take place next September.

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