IPhone XR convinces Android users to switch to iOS better than its predecessors

If sales of the iPhone XR may have been disappointing for Apple, the smartphone seems to have fulfilled his task: convert owners of Android smartphones to the iPhone.

Released at the end of October, the iPhone XR succeeded, more than its predecessors, in converting users of Android devices to encourage them to switch to Apple smartphones. This is certainly what emerges from a study conducted in the United States and published on Wednesday by the firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).
16% of iPhone owners previously used an Android smartphone
Indeed, according to CIRP's analysis in November 2018, "among iPhone buyers, 82% already had an iPhone, while 16% had an Android smartphone". A result much higher than those of November 2017, at the time of the release of the iPhone X. A year ago, only 11% of owners of iPhone came from Android. In September 2017, after the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, they were 12% to previously use an Android device. In a year, the share of iPhone owners from Android has increased from 12 to 16%, an increase that would be due to the iPhone XR, as explained by CIRP: "It seems that the iPhone XR has allowed to attract current users of Android.
With its price starting at 855 euros, the latest iPhone offers a much more affordable price than that of the iPhone XS, without however an affordable smartphone. The price corresponds to that found on the market of Android smartphones, with high-end devices marketed between 800 and 1000 euros. Apple's strategy seems to pay off by offering an iPhone XR that targets primarily owners of Android devices at a rate close to those of the competition.
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