iPod touch: name of Zeus, Apple would prepare a new model

Apple would prepare a seventh generation of iPod touch according to sources from the production lines. A news that brings us straight back in 2015.
Image credit: Apple
If Apple is currently enjoying great success in the mobile sector with its iPhone and iPad, we must not forget that it is the iPod that has set foot in the stirrup of the Cupertino company. With its music player, Apple has managed to change the way music is consumed by a large number of people. The player has had various variations, from the most discreet iPod Shuffle to the most complete iPod touch.
While the latest iPod touch dates back to 2015 and the Dead and Buried Sector was imagined, the Mac Otakara blog says that Apple is currently designing a revised version of its popular pocket-sized media player. The Japanese media, which is often very well informed, cites sources from the production lines without providing any additional proof.
A first step for his services
While iPhone sales are disappointing, a new iPod touch seems to arrive as a "free sample" that all kids will want while their parents refuse to offer them the latest iPhone at 1200 euros.
The iPod touch 6 is currently available from 239 euros (with 32 GB). We can imagine that the new model that may be based on the design of the latest iPhone would then be marketed in the same price bracket. Buyers would then have access to the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud, and all Apple services, which they will have a hard time leaving when it's time for them to buy a smartphone or a computer.
With new services expected in 2019 for Apple, and an economic model that tends to rely more on the cloud than on its hardware products in the long term, Apple would have the perfect product with its iPod touch to attract a more volatile customers attracted by the small prices of products under Android.

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