Is a smartphone a holiday gift for you? – Poll of the week

This week is holiday week! As such, does the smartphone really have its place, especially under your tree? Has it become a gift? That's what we want to know.

The end of year festivities are organized, and you will soon join your family or organize your little party in your home. On the program: good food, laughter, but also … gifts, of course!
But the smartphone, the Tech object of everyday life that everyone eventually owns, is a present for the holidays of our days, or has it become so common that we no longer expect it in this context ? This is what we are looking for this week in our survey.
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Google Pay will be used in France
Last week, we were wondering if the arrival of Google Pay in France would change anything for you. You have been 2237 to answer us.

The vast majority of you are very happy with the arrival of Google Pay in France (71.3%) and intend to use the service as soon as possible. However, 28.7% of you are not at all interested in the arrival of the mobile payment service.

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