Is the tech industry a sexist environment? We discuss it in our podcast Hi Techie

Are you ready to host a new episode of our Hello Techie podcast? We're coming back to debate sexism in tech, and how it's reflected in the industry and the products.

Whether because the pockets of women's pants are not adapted to the size of a smartphone, an object that men put in their own pockets, or because a female sextoy was withdrawn a prize at the CES 2019, the tech is not spared by the mainstream mainstream sexism that runs through our societies. However, what some would like to present as a state of affairs based on divergent tastes between men and women results in fact from more complex societal phenomena, which is mentioned in part during the broadcast.
Hi Techie, episode 18
To discuss the subject, we invited around the table Camille Suard, journalist at the Journal du Geek, Les Croissants and Silence, we play, and Marie Turcan, deputy editor of Numerama. This episode is played at this address, and you can also use the player below.

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