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With CES 2019, new TV concepts were introduced, including the LG OLED Rollable TV R. It is to wonder how much we still want to see these big black mirrors in the heart of our living rooms.

Our televisions are bigger and bigger. While a decade ago we were easily satisfied with a screen of 32 to 42 inches, the diagonals of 55, 65 and 75 inches have now become the norm. These TVs are getting larger and attract attention in a room, even when they are off.
Ulrich wondered about the importance we should give to our TV. After all, the most fortunate can today "hide" this black screen, the possibilities being multiple. LG has of course announced this week its roll-up OLED screen, but we can also mention the The Frame TV of Samsung posing as a table, or short-throw projectors embedded in furniture.
But if we put aside the price of these devices is usually very high, can we see this as a good way to replace its main screen despite the constraints that it can bring? A video projector usually has to be accompanied by a separate sound system, the LG Signature R takes a while to unfold …
It's up to you to answer Ulrich's question, are you ready to make your TV invisible?
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The foldable smartphone, yes, but in 3
Last week, we wondered what format foldable smartphone you are most interested in those we have seen so far. You were only 992 to answer this question, and reading the comments we realize that a number of you are not interested in this novelty. Too fragile, too thick, not well thought out … There are plenty of reasons to turn away from this hybrid format.

Among voters, the choice is clearly decided. 47.38% prefer the presumed concept of Xiaomi and 19.15% rather turn to that of Samsung. Finally, LG arrives last with 9.88% of the vote.
Interestingly enough, 23.59% of the participants, almost a quarter, say "wait for another form". So there is a certain appetite for the possibility of having a tablet and a smartphone in one and the same device, but still it must check all the boxes on your wish list, which is not the case now.

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