Learn how to develop an Android application in Kotlin language with Maxime Britto

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    If you have taken the good resolution to learn (finally!) The code this year, know that the trainer Maxime Britto – a developer specializing in mobile applications on iOS as Android – just launched a new training to learn how to develop a Android application under Kotlin. For the launch of this new course, its price goes from 149 to 39 euros. This is the moment or never to launch!

There are many ways to learn code on the Internet. Watch YouTube videos, follow tutorials on forums or buy training on specialized sites. All have their advantages and faults, but all have the common point of setting aside, if not ignoring, student monitoring. Watching a class is nice (when it's in French), but who will take care of answering your questions or answering your questions?
A beginner's course to learn how to create from A to Z an Android application with Kotlin
For this reason, for over 3 years, Maxime Britto has been offering courses and training online on his website (in French), Purple Giraffe. Specializing in the development of iOS applications, Maxime Britto has just launched a new training dedicated to Android and entitled "Creator of Android applications in Kotlin – Launch Pack." On the occasion of its launch, and until January 21st, its price goes from 149 to 39 euros.
This is a course primarily for beginners, those who have practically no lines of code. This course, very didactic, addresses both the basic tools you need to get started in the code (Android Studio, the basic commands) that more advanced concepts of Kotlin language, the language of reference used today by Android developers to create their applications.
Classes are delivered as HD video in French. It is possible to go through or replay the different steps through the menu on the left.
Responsive layout using the ConstraintLayout class, application resource management, screen rotation, everything goes on and you'll be able at the end of the course to make complete basic applications like a notebook application or a Photo gallery.
A course that will grow rich with time …
This course is presented as HD video. Once purchased, it is not only accessible for life, but also regularly updated with new entries on new topics. Maxime Britto is currently taking courses on Kotlin to discuss Material Design, using a database or publishing the application on the Google Play Store. When these chapters are added, the price of the course will increase for those who are not yet registered. But all those who took advantage of the launch offer will have free access to future chapters!
An excerpt from the course on managing screen rotations in the photo slideshow application.
… And who offers regular monitoring of students
Better yet, the purchase of this course will unlock access to the very active private forum of Purple Giraffe and a monthly group coaching session of about an hour during which Maxime Britto will answer questions from his students live.
Every month, Maxime Britto organizes group coaching to answer questions from his students (here during an iOS coaching).
A 74% discount for the launch!
For its launch, the course "Creator of Android applications in Kotlin" is available at a price of 39 euros instead of 149 euros. The offer is valid until Monday, January 21 until 23:59.
             The course Creator of Android applications in Kotlin at 39 euros

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