Learn how to develop your own AI and hack WiFi networks through these online trainings

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    Need to learn more about computers? Learn how to hack Wi-Fi networks, artificial intelligence or PHP and MySQL at the best price with online courses offered by Udemy.

Udemy, the platform for 100,000 online courses, gives us a short promotional period. Starting today, and until Thursday, February 28, a selection of courses is available at a price of 11.99 euros. A beautiful gateway for people wishing to learn the services of the site specializes in online training. With various categories of lessons, it is very easy to find shoes to his feet, both for his personal development and for professional development. We have selected here three courses dedicated to the computer world: Wi-Fi network hacking, artificial intelligence and the PHP / MySQL Web development duo.
Detect vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi networks
Learning the basics of hacking Wi-Fi networks is probably one of the best ways to effectively protect your own network. That's what Udemy's online training offers, which teaches art and how to hack wireless networks. The strengths and weaknesses of different network protocols such as WEP, WPA and WPA2 are taught, which allows you to know a little more about the networks around us. During the training, a test lab will be developed, allowing students to practice what they have learned in this course, such as decrypting a password, identifying vulnerabilities or exploiting vulnerabilities.

Available at a price of 11.99 euros and provided by a technician specialized in computer security, this course has no less than 5 hours of video lessons, with a questionnaire available at the end of each section to validate its achievements. For both beginners and professionals, this training helps to understand the flaws in its network and how they can be exploited to better protect themselves.
             The course on Wi-Fi Hacking at 14.99 euros
Master PHP and MySQL
Very complementary, these two languages ​​allow to create from A to Z a functional website. In general, the PHP language allows you to create dynamic web pages with multiple features. MySQL is a system for creating and managing databases. The training offered here by Udemy trains these two worlds and especially how to use them in a mutual way to create functional Web pages from end to end.

This course is offered by a young engineer and web developer and includes more than 13 hours of video. Very close to his students, the teacher is committed to answering questions quickly, and also adds new content each month. A boon for training at 11.99 euros only.
             The course on PHP and MySQL at 14.99 euros
Use artificial intelligence
It's kind of the catchphrase of the past year, but what is artificial intelligence really? And above all, how to use it? These answers are found in the Udemy training dedicated to AI. In addition to learning a little more about this one and Deep Learning, this course also proposes to create your own artificial intelligence for concrete applications. For example, she will have to adapt to three different video games, going from the learning phase to a phase where she will be able to confront a human being.

With nearly 14 hours of video and hands-on exercises, this $ 11.99 artificial intelligence course will make you an expert. It is delivered by three specialized trainers, one of whom worked a year at Google as a Data Engineer, just that!
             The artificial intelligence course at 14.99 euros


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