Lemmings: Sony resurrects the cult game … and gets the wrath of fans

The game Lemmings is back on mobile in a totally modernized version and thought for smartphones. So apt that the game also picks up the harmful economic model of free-to-play mobiles, which does not please fans.

It was a good intention. In a blog post, Sony announces without warning the release of a new game Lemmings, the cult saga of DMA Design (today become Rockstar, developer of GTA V, among others). The game is beautiful, modernized, with new mechanics well found … everything was there to make the fans of the series happy. And…

3.7 stars out of 5. It's a pretty good average for a lot of things, but on the Google Play Store, it's a particularly severe note, a symbol of rejection from the community, especially when the second most assigned is 1/5. But why such a penalty?
3 euros an hour …
By reading the comments – and playing a bit – we quickly realize that the game has been modernized in many ways, including its business model. Based on a free-to-play system, this new Lemmings works with an energy gauge that empties … with every action. At the launch of the game, you can do 60 actions such as digging a block, building a staircase or allow your determined creatures to fall at a reduced speed not to crash violently against the ground. Suffice to say that the energy goes fast, and it takes several hours for it to regenerate in full, unless paying 6 euros (!!) not to be bothered by this detail for 2 hours.

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Suffice to say that this frustrating business model can tell you right in the middle of a level that you do not have enough energy to finish it off quickly from the game. And that's a shame, because the work done on it is really pleasant.
This mobile version of Lemmings is easy to access, its graphics are beautiful and the sounds of these happy little creatures who advance without stopping in a straight line are still cute and hilarious. Too bad.
                        The Lemmings are back! But since the first album in the 90's, these brave creatures still have not learned to shoot or …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        The fun of the game of yesteryear
                                                                Beautiful graphics
                                                                Hilarious sound effects
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