Lenovo is thinking of a smartphone foldable in the sense of length

Foldable smartphones are becoming more fashionable among manufacturers. And it is Lenovo's turn to distinguish itself with a patent where it imagines a phone that bends in the vertical direction.

Folding your smartphone is the dream of many smartphone manufacturers lately. Between Samsung and his Galaxy Fold, Huawei and his Mate X or Xiaomi with his future foldable smartphone, the market begins to welcome some big names. These three phones have one thing in common: they fold horizontally – since the fold is vertical.
However, Lenovo thinks of his side to a different type of device: a smartphone foldable vertically – with the fold in the horizontal direction.

It is through a patent filed in September 2018 with the International Bureau of Intellectual Property) that we discover this idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčLenovo to change the direction of folding of the smartphone. With a second screen on the back that can fold on the front panel on different levels to display additional information.
LetsGoDigital has therefore based on these patents to create a 3D rendering of the smartphone giving a more precise idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat this concept of foldable smartphone in the sense of length would look like.
This patent obviously does not mean that the smartphone will really come out, but it shows one of Lenovo's visions around the foldable smartphone. In any case, if a device of this type came to see the day at the Chinese manufacturer, it may be necessary to wait for a future international trade fair like the CES or the MWC in 2020 to discover it officially.

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