Lenovo Smart Display: price and availability date in France

The Lenovo Smart Display is a connected object that acts as Google Home with a screen. After being exposed to CES 2018, the product will finally be marketed in France. Here are its prices and availability date.

At CES 2018, we discovered a new type of product: the Google Smart Display. The concept is quite simple since it is to offer the same services as a Google Home, but with a screen and more. On this occasion, we were able to take charge of the Lenovo Smart Display.
This sector has been a little forgotten recently, since we have long waited for the release of products. However, it is finally confirmed, the Lenovo Smart Display will be sold in France in two versions.
A Google Home with a screen
Let's quickly recall the concept of the Lenovo Smart Display. Some will only see a fixed tablet, but the product is intended to be fully controllable by voice – even if the screen is touch.
Like a Google Home, the goal is also to provide nice audio quality and serve as a hub for different connected objects in the home. In addition, thanks to the screen, you can enjoy features designed specifically for the Lenovo Smart Display. Thus, in the kitchen, you can be dictated and display the different steps of a recipe step by step and interact with the interface simply by voice.
The other example given is the news flash: instead of just enjoying an audio reminder of the news, here you can watch the video that goes with it.

The Lenovo Smart Display comes in two versions of 8 and 10 inches. The first has an HD screen (720p) against a definition Full HD (1080p) on the second. Both models are equipped with a Snapdragon 624 coupled with 2 GB of RAM and a storage space of 4 GB. There is no battery since the device is constantly connected to mains. Finally, we will report the two speakers and compatibility with Bluetooth 4.2 with the possibility of multiroom.

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Price and availability
The 8 inch Lenovo Smart Display will be sold in France for 179 euros, while it will cost 239 euros for the 10-inch version.
Marketing is scheduled for April 15. Among the competitors are the Amazon Echo Show 2 that we recently tested.
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