LG: foldable smartphone would be expandable and foldable

LG is also preparing a foldable smartphone. A new patent recently discovered indicates its potential design: it would stretch a little, and fold to turn into a smartphone easily.

2019 will be a pivotal year for the smartphone industry. First of all, we are in a cycle of real evolution, making that we will probably have the right to really different devices like the next Galaxy S10 for example.
But above all, it will be the first year of existence of foldable smartphones. Samsung has already teased, while Huawei, Oppo and many other brands are preparing their model. LG is one of them, and we can appreciate it a bit more today.
LG's foldable smartphone unveils
LetsGoDigital has spotted the filing of a new patent with WIPO and the USPTO describing LG's future collapsible smartphone. They even took the opportunity to create some renderings to better make us imagine.

We will notice especially from this patent the principle of operation of the device, quite unique in itself. Closed, it looks like any smartphone. To open it, simply unfold the rear face forward and stretch the device. The mechanism between the two parts then blocks the phone and allows the interface to adapt.

This principle is quite different from what we have seen for the moment. Xiaomi for example seems to design a foldable smartphone in three parts, while Samsung provides a secondary screen outside the folded slab to use as a smartphone. LG's solution presented here, which is not necessarily the final version of the patent product, is much more elegant.
However, we will not see it soon. A priori, the Korean manufacturer will not present it at CES 2019, or even the MWC 2019: it would wait for the third quarter.

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