LG G8 ThinQ: I tried hand recognition at the MWC 2019, and it's not that great

LG surprised at the MWC 2019 with its LG G8 ThinQ, an amazing smartphone with a recognition system of … the hand. We tried it, but it's not perfect yet.

Forget the foldable smartphones and the 5G, the novelty of this MWC 2019, it is the "recognition of the veins". In any case, this is how LG calls its new feature in the press release of the LG G8 ThinQ. Once on the stand, it's a different story.
At the manufacturer's booth, no one could really explain how this technology works, except that it relies on the ToF sensor and the infrared sensors, but a brand official seemed to say that more than the veins, the sensor is especially able to detect all the asperities of the hand, to the small lines that cross it. No way to read your future here, but rather to unlock your smartphone and control it without touching it.
We could try these features and find that everything was not perfect.
Our grip on video

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An unlocking weirdly showed
Hard to show how a lock system works on a stand. If everyone registers their hand, it's guaranteed to see all locked demonstration copies before the end of the first morning of the show. Also, LG is demonstrating this feature on smartphones hidden behind plexiglass windows by accepting everyone.
Yes, you read that, LG's demo could have worked with a simple proximity sensor because it was enough to approach his hand to unlock any smartphone. Impossible under these conditions to know if the smartphone takes time or not to recognize a "handprint" already recorded.
At least it was fast …
Gesture navigation
Many manufacturers have already tried to offer navigation, even partial, without having to touch the screen. Here, the ToF sensor can recognize the position of the hand and thus launch an application without touching the smartphone, manage the volume or even play or pause when playing a multimedia content.
To do this, you must approach your hand to activate the ToF sensor – which is indicated by the display of a small light bar under the notch – and then move your hand back to the correct distance so that it is recognized in full. and finally perform the movement attributed to an action.

In the idea, it's interesting, but in practice, the field of view of the ToF sensor complicates the use. It is common to use it several times to have to raise or lower the sound or simple to have his hand recognized by the sensor.
An excellent smartphone
And what is unfortunate, it may be that LG did not rely enough on the other features of his smartphone to make it really exciting. Yet it is an excellent smartphone that has everything to please.
Its SoC Snapdragon 855 promises the best performance of the moment, everything is fluid and the 3 sensors of the model that will be marketed in Korea (and only in Korea) are very practical and excellent. There is a "standard" module, a wide-angle and zoom, but especially interesting software features that allow for example to take three shots at the same time (with the three different sensors), and thus have the same scene under 3 different angles.
Anyway, this interesting smartphone should not be available in France.

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