LG introduces ultra-short-throw projector capable of displaying a 120-inch image in 4K

LG continues to unveil as the products that will punctuate the first months of 2019. After the beer machine and PC monitors, here is the ultra short-range projector.

LG is taking advantage of the CES 2019 in Berlin to present its new ultra short focal length laser projector HU85L or LG CineBeam Laser 4K. This model includes a DLP chip to display a 4K definition and especially a laser allowing it to reach a brightness of 2500 lumens. LG took the opportunity to introduce Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology that would be much more effective than the technologies used to date on ultra-short throw projectors.
This is far from being the first product of this type, many models exist including the Xiaomi Full HD projector. This is called an ultra-short throw projector (or an ultra-short throw video projector). These projectors use a wide-angle lens to position it close to the screen or projection wall. So you can easily get an image up to 120 inches with only 18 centimeters of back. One of the weak points of the device is the absence of HDR.

The WebOS operating system provides access to Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube applications. Finally, the device comes with a gyroscopic remote control that will exploit its multimedia capabilities. As for its price and availability, we do not know them yet.
More and more ultra short throw projectors
At the previous CES, Sony unveiled a low tablet as a 4K projector with similar technology. LG had also announced a 4K video projector … which was not really. Indeed, this product used a 2K matrix (2716 × 1528 pixels) to simulate 4K UHD.
From early 2019, we will have the opportunity to see more closely the CineBeam Laser 4K and interview the teams in charge of this product.


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