LG: updates to Android 9.0 Pie will wait a long time

Korean manufacturer LG unveiled its release schedule for its Android 9.0 Pie updates. If not the LG G7 ThinQ, other devices will have to wait a long time.

The end of the year is still ground for major major updates on smartphones. Android 9.0 Pie is not left out, of course.
At this little game, however, the Korean manufacturer LG may disappoint. For now, only the LG G7 One – which runs on Android One – received the latest version, while the LG G7 ThinQ was entitled to a few betas.
Android 9.0 Pie updates will reach at LG
XDA Developers today highlights the program of update on the first quarter of 2019 published by the Korean branch of the manufacturer for its smartphones. The least we can say is that this one is pretty … empty.
Indeed, only the LG G7 ThinQ is planned. His other devices, such as the LG V40 or LG G6, will only have minor updates. Perhaps they will be concerned in the second or third quarter, during which time all competitors will probably have already switched to the new version.
Heavy interface and little means
Such a delay can be explained in many ways. The first and simplest is that the LG UX interface is still heavily modified, and therefore requires a lot of development time to be adapted to a major version.
But above all, we can not help but see a new sign of weakness for the smartphone branch of LG. It continues to undergo restructuring after restructuring since a cursed LG G5 that will have dug the funds of the box, new releases have never managed to recapture a solid momentum for the company.
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