LS-218: The fastest electric superbike in the world is gaining momentum in production

Designed and manufactured by Lightning Motorcycles, the LS-218 electric superbike, the world record speed recorder in its class, is expected to land in 2019 after its recent production.

Speed ​​buffs should be thrilled. The electric superbike LS-218, created by the American company Lightning Motorcycles, will finally see the light of day after years in development phase marked by constant improvements. For a long time confined to tests of all kinds on various national tracks, the product of the group has enough to make jealous its competitors – SuperNEX, LiveWire or even ARC Vector – with regard to its outsized performances.
More than 350 km / h …
The LS-218 does not occupy a place of choice for anything in the news of electric motorcycles. It simply holds the world record speed: after a first prototype tickled the 279 km / h, another more powerful version reached the 352 km / h mark on the salt flat of Bonneville Salt Lake, in the North West Utah, USA. The highest speed ever recorded for an electric motorcycle.

This rocket should land in the course of the year 2019, since its production has indeed started a few days ago, as relays the specialized site iMotorbike. A photo on the company's Instagram account confirms this piece of information, when a press release posted on the official website mentions brand new premises based in San Jose, which will "significantly increase the production of the superbike LS-218, "reads. This new antenna will also host an in-house creative studio dedicated to the design of the brand's future products.
Three proposed autonomies
The superbike LS-218 seems ready to swallow the miles. Its power of 200 horses will allow it to assume its weight of 224 kilos in all relaxation, while the company has set up three different battery packs: 12 kWh (160-190 kilometers of autonomy), 15 kWh (190- 240 kilometers of autonomy) and 20 kWh (260-290 kilometers of autonomy). The recharge time is 120 minutes, compared to 30 minutes with a fast charge. The price of the LS-218 superbike was not announced. No doubt he will reach the heights, like his speed.


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