Mad Box: the crazy promises of a new game console

It's pretty crazy in 2019: Slightly Mad Studios, the studio that publishes Project CARS, wants to launch a new game console.
In the midst of the rebirth of consoles of the past, including the recent PlayStation Classic, and when the cake is already shared between three giants, the founder of Slightly Mad Studios announced that he was preparing to launch a new video game console: the Mad Box .

This gaming console, of which we still know very little detail, could launch games in 4K at 60 frames per second, it would also be compatible with virtual reality (VR) type Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In VR, its creator promises 60 ips per eye, which induces an important graphical power and big characteristics for the machine. No current game console can launch VR games with such performance.

Some renderings have been published, the look of the Mad Box is … surprising. She sports bold curves with colored LEDs everywhere. It looks like a modem router-modem for futuristic nightclub.
The CEO ensures, on Twitter, that he has the necessary contacts to carry out the project and that there is room for a new console on the market. In addition, it intends to facilitate the work of developers and publishers to bring existing titles on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC through a free game engine.
This is undoubtedly an attractive and surprising proposition, especially if this console achieves its promises with a competitive price and a worldwide launch, also taking into account the fact that a priori, the Mad Box would be compatible with the majority of the VR helmets current.
But it is especially important to take with the tweezers this type of ads: there are plethora of stillborn consoles and some aspects of the market do not predict the success for the Mad Box. You probably remember the Ouya … and again this is only one case among many others.

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