Malware, ransomware, data protection: when the antivirus is not enough

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    What's the point of antivirus software in 2019? A lot of users will spontaneously answer "nothing" and just pay attention to what you download to be safe. An assertion a little cavalier at the time when the attacks do not necessarily require an action of the victim and that the threats have never been as numerous as now.

Paying attention to what you download is no longer enough when hackers exploit loopholes or when they use social engineering techniques. If you doubt it, we advise you to take the test "Do you know how to recognize a phishing attempt? Put in place by Google. In many cases, hackers are able to make the most sophisticated users believe that they are facing a legitimate email. That's why there are solutions to guard against it. Bitdefender's Bitdefender Total Security is one of the most comprehensive.
More than an antivirus, a suite of features to improve cybersecurity
Bitdefender Total Security is more than just an antivirus. It is a long way from the time when it was enough to install an antivirus to feel safe. Now considered nerdy, antivirus software had to reinvent itself. They are now real cybersecurity toolboxes to better protect all of its devices whether desktop or mobile, as well as its data.
Password manager, digital safe (to protect folders with a password), webcam protection are some of the tools that enhance the cybersecurity of the user.
Comprehensive toolboxes that do not just wait for a virus to be installed on a machine to flush out and remove it. In the cloud and AI era, these solutions can now be used to anticipate threats and better protect and back up data so that they can be fully restored when needed.
Anticipate the spread of malware and protect user data
This is the case of Bitdefender, which comes first and foremost as an anti-malware, whether on Windows, macOS or mobile. In addition to traditional antivirus scanning, Bitdefender Total Security offers many features to anticipate the attack of malware or ransomware on one of its devices. For example, Advance Threat Defense detection technology is responsible for identifying suspicious behavior in order to immediately block the malicious process.
To do this, Bitdefender Total Security is based on an analysis that is partly done in the cloud. This has a double advantage: servers in the cloud centralize the behavior of thousands of users and make it easier to identify current threats while avoiding encroaching on the overall performance of the system by using very little memory computer or smartphone.
Bitdefender Total Security does not just hunt for viruses. It also supports the user to help improve their cybersecurity daily.
Always in this anticipation, Bitdefender Total Security also has a feature called "ransomware remediation". Concretely, if Bitdefender Total Security realizes that a ransomware has started to encrypt files, it will make a copy before they are modified and then try to restore them automatically. This is so that the data is not taken hostage and demanded for ransom.
A unique solution to protect all your devices
Bitdefender Total Security is not only useful for Windows PCs. It is possible to install it both on computers running on macOS, but also on Android or iOS. On mobile devices, Bitdefender will scan downloaded apps to see if they contain malware or malicious processes. There are also tools to protect browsing the web, blocking your phone remotely or just password protect the opening of some applications. Practical features in the context of parental control on a teenager's smartphone.
On mobile, Bitdefender analyzes the installed applications, but also the web pages consulted. Additional features also make it possible to set up an anti-theft device or block applications with code.
Because one of the most practical aspects of Bitdefender is that it has a central security hub, aptly named "Bitdefender Central". With a single account, it is indeed possible to install Bitdefender on many devices. The master account then has a view of all devices and a notification center that allows it to know if any of the devices has been attacked or has just been cleared of a malicious file.
Bitdefender Central allows you to be notified if any of the devices protected by Bitdefender contain suspicious files.
It is also this central hub that allows to set up parental control. After creating a "child profile", it is possible to limit the screen time, to easily locate the phone, to prohibit certain calls or SMS, or to be warned when the child enters a "forbidden zone" .
A lightweight, non-intrusive interface
Bitdefender Total Security also has an easy-to-use, ergonomic and clear interface. The slightest menu, the least functionality is accompanied by a pop-up to explain what it does and what it serves. Moreover, the software is discreet. No question of receiving a notification every hour indicating that an update has been made, it is possible to schedule summary emails, daily or weekly, to be quiet and be kept informed of its level of security.
Not surprisingly, the lesser functionality of Bitdefender Total Security is accompanied by a pop-up specifying very precisely what it does.
How much do you value the security of your data and devices?
To get a good idea of ​​the capabilities of Bitdefender Total Security, a free one-month trial version is available at this address. The one-year subscription for 5 devices is available at 39.98 euros instead of 69.99 euros. It is also possible to add a VPN for 29.99 euros more for one year.
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