Mark Zuckerberg dreams of Facebook more respectful of privacy

Through a long press release, Mark Zuckerberg suggests his vision of the future of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, which would tend toward a greater respect for privacy.

Shaken by several controversies in recent months, like Cambridge Analytica, Facebook does not have an excellent image at the moment. But Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, seems to want to show off, through a long publication published on the social network. In this one, it displays the wishes of the group which wishes to turn towards a better respect for the private life of its users.
Towards more respect for privacy?
Almost in the form of a bulleted list, Zuckerberg sets out the various points on which Facebook will work. And they almost all have one thing in common: respect for privacy. He evokes six axes, on which his company wishes to progress:
The improvement of private interactions, which mainly concerns the company's messaging services.
The encryption and security that already benefits WhatsApp, Zuckerberg also wants to share Instagram Direct and Messenger.
The setting of the lifetime of the information, which would allow users to delete messages automatically after a certain period previously defined, or with a default delay.
Interoperability of services, as a leak already suggested. This would allow a Facebook user to send a message to an Instagram user, for example.
Securing data storage, by not physically hosting them in states that may want to access them.
There are a lot of ways to improve, many of which seem to be moving towards user-to-user exchanges through messaging services. For Mark Zuckerberg's "Internet Future," "a security-oriented communications service will become even more important than today's open platforms." A future far from our news feeds, which rely on the public sharing of information and messages.
The quest for credibility that jeopardizes the current economic model
Facebook, according to its founder himself, "currently does not have a good reputation for creating privacy protection services". In moving towards more privacy-friendly services, one wonders what the business model of the group will look like.

Because today, if Facebook is profitable, it is mainly thanks to advertisements, meticulously targeted using the data available to the social network: age, gender, interests, etc. But in the future devised by Zuckerberg for Facebook, this network will become so intimate and so focused on privacy that the current model does not seem viable.
Perhaps this future security of exchanges between Facebook users will allow the social network to become a trading place, as already suggested by Facebook's cryptocurrency creation project.
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