Marshall embraces Google Assistant with its speakers Acton II and Stanmore II: here are our photos

After an Alexa version presented at IFA last September, Marshall presented this Tuesday its new speakers Acton II and Stanmore II equipped with Google Assistant.

Well known musicians, Marshall launched some time ago in the consumer audio offering headphones, but also Bluetooth speakers and now Wi-Fi speakers. The latest, the Marshall Acton II and Stanmore They have the particularity of directly integrating a voice assistant. Initially, only Amazon Alexa was proposed at the launch of the speakers last September. Now, Marshall has released models that are compatible with Google Assistant.
The new Acton II and Stanmore II with Google Assistant take almost the same design as the Alexa versions, with some subtle differences like the number of LEDs on the front, which goes from five to four, or the positioning of microphones imposed by Google.
Marshall's two speakers allow you to manually adjust the volume using a knob knob, the level being indicated using LEDs. In the same way, you can also change the bass or treble. Each of the two speakers also offers a play / pause button and another key to turn off the microphone.
More powerful bass on the Stanmore II
The differences are to be noted at the source level. While the small model, the Marshall Acton II, only read sources Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or auxiliary using the mini-jack, the Marshall Stanmore II goes further by integrating taken RCA on the back. Note also that while the two speakers offer the same pair of tweeters 15W each, the Acton II includes a woofer with a 30W amplifier while the Stanmore II offers a 50W woofer for bass.
Both speakers are already available at Fnac and the Marshall website. The Marshall Acton II is priced at 299 euros while the Stanmore II is 399 euros.
Our photos of Marshall Acton II and Stanmore II
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