Mate Mini and Mate Smart: Huawei would prepare two new smartphones

Is Huawei thinking about diversifying its range? Two new names appear: the Mate Mini and Mate Smart.

On the one hand, Huawei has become the number one target of the US government and its burrs are gradually exposed to the face of the world. On the other, he is number two in the mobile market and is a huge success with his Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro.
It is this second face of the same coin that interests us here. Building on the success of the Huawei P Smart early 2018, which has had a successor recently, the manufacturer would be thinking of further diversify its offer.
Huawei Launches Mate Smart and Mate Mini Marks
The site LetsGoDigital has indeed spotted the filing of two new brands at the office of intellectual property European. These are the Smart Mate (above) and Mate Mini (below). These deposits show that they concern the arrival of two new smartphones on European soil.

As a reminder, the Mate range has always hosted for the moment only three models: the classic, the Pro, and the Lite. It seems that the brand wants to decline following the same architecture as its P range, which launched the Smart option in 2018 to clarify its entry-level.
However, we should not hear about the MWC 2019, where are already expected Huawei P30 and the first collapsible smartphone brand. The Mate are traditionally unveiled at the end of the year, it will certainly wait before the brand shows the ambitions behind these names.
A small diagonal model?
In the meantime, nothing prevents us from playing the modern Nostradamus. Considering the impulses of the P Smart range, it would not be surprising that the Smart Mate is simply the new name given to the range called Lite at the moment. That being said, nothing prevents a model more financially accessible than the Lite is also planned by the brand to revive its end of the year on the entry level.
The most interesting is obviously the Mini Mate. The name seems to indicate a desire to create a small format smartphone, a field on which even the biggest defenders of shortened diagonals have gradually abandoned. What allow Huawei to nibble more and more market share? The strategy could be interesting at least.
Beware however: we know the propensity of the manufacturer to reinvent the names of his products released in China once available in Europe. Thus, nothing prevents that one of the two is actually the Huawei Nova 4 presented recently, as an example. The mystery remains for the moment whole.
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