Mi A3: Xiaomi would already work on a new Android smartphone One

Nearly six months after the announcement of the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite, Xiaomi would already work on their successor. The site XDA Developers has indeed got hold of clues about a future smartphone Xiaomi Android One.

It took ten months between the release of the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the announcement of his successors, the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite. While the two most recent models were unveiled six months ago, there are indications that the Chinese manufacturer is already working on new versions.
An "orchid bud" that should be the Mi A3
The site XDA Developers, specializing in development on Android, has indeed discovered thanks to one of its readers the mention of a product Xiaomi still not announced in the last update of the Mi 8. Mentioned under the code name "Orchid_sprout" (orchid bud in French), this smartphone should be an Android One certified device.
Indeed, the suffix "sprout" has been used so far by Xiaomi for all its smartphones Android One. The Mi A1 was codenamed "tissot_sprout", the Mi A2 was "jasmine_sprout" and the Mi A2 Lite was known as "daisy_sprout". Therefore, it would seem logical that the Mi A3 is indeed "orchid_sprout".
For now, we still do not know the technical characteristics of the product. If Xiaomi retains the deadline of ten months to renew its range Mi A, we should know more about the Xiaomi Mi A3 during the spring, in April 2019. By then, to understand everything to Android One, n do not hesitate to consult our dedicated file.
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