microSD Express announced at MWC 2019: three times faster than the fastest of your microSDs

MicroSDs also have the right to love the MWC 2019. The new standard microSD Express has been announced, offering up to almost 1 GB / s of read rate making them three faster than the fastest micro SD available until there.

Micro SD cards are often the best friends of users wanting to increase their storage capacity at lower cost on smartphones. While the big party of smartphones that is the MWC of Barcelona is in full swing for this 2019 edition, they are still gaining more power.
New micro SD Express cards three times faster
The standard SD and microSD Express has just been announced by the SD Association for marketing. It promises to maximize the potential of this external storage space.
Note that these cards are now capable of going to an impressive 985 MB / s, almost 1 GB / s! Such a rate will record videos in 8K on mobile directly on the map without problem. This is a rate more than three times higher than the fastest cards available today, UHS-II up to 300 MB / s.

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They are also less energy intensive than their predecessors, since they are able to use the L1.1 and L1.2 low power modes of the PCIe v3.1 standard. Be careful however: to reach such rates, they must go through the UHS-II connector with two additional pins, which is relatively rare outside the high end.
All that remains is for SD and micro SD card manufacturers to announce their new products that will benefit!

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