Microsoft Edge: The new interface is inspired by Google Chrome in these screenshots

Screenshots show what Microsoft Edge looks like based on the Chromium project. Some similarities with Google Chrome are to be observed.

In late 2018, Microsoft announced that Edge, its web browser, was going to be reworked to be based on the Chromium project, like Google Chrome. Since then, we are waiting for some changes in the interface and now screenshots unveiled by Neowin in advance tell us a little about future aesthetic changes.
The least we can say is that Edg seems to be more and more like Google Chrome, but still retains much of its visual identity. The published images reveal the interface and some parameters that will be available on the browser.

As Neowin explains, this trial version of Microsoft Edge removes the ability to see all your tabs and put aside the tabs currently open for easy retrieval later. You can not find these options in the upper left corner of the screen.
Conversely, to the right of the URL bar, we find the icons of the extensions as well as the profile picture of the account, as it is the case on Google Chrome.
Small changes coming soon
And since we mentioned the extensions, it's worth noting that Edge will keep its plug-in store. But there are several extensions that have been simply recompiled from their Chrome Web Store versions.

Besides you can still install extensions on Edge from the store Chrome, but it will simply activate a dedicated option to enjoy.
Microsoft requires, Bing is obviously integrated natively in the browser. In the New Tab page, we notice that it is possible to display a different background image each day.
Scrolling down, we will find the news thread classic Microsoft News as is already the case on the current version of the browser.
For its part, remember that Google Chrome is preparing to host a dark theme on both the computer version on Android.
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