Microsoft wants to extend Xbox Live to Android, Switch and iOS

Mobile gaming is still perceived as the Eldorado for some of the big players in the video game. Microsoft is dreaming of us playing Xbox Live games on mobile.

Microsoft has great ambitions for mobile gaming. The tech giant may have missed out on the smartphone market, it remains a major player in the video game in general thanks to Windows and the Xbox.
Play easily between platforms
With the emergence of many popular platforms (PS4, Switch, PC, mobile, etc.) is born a new problem, that of cross-platform game. Behind this name lies on the one hand the ability to play with friends, no matter what their console, and on the other hand the ability to move from one platform to another and keep its progress.
Microsoft intends to solve this problem with its Xbox Live service, which already gathers PC players and Xbox on some games. At the 2019 Game Developer Conference, which will be held in March, Microsoft will release a new version of Xbox Live.
It will be possible for developers to create a unified experience between Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC and Android and iOS mobile devices. Microsoft dreams with this announcement to be able to target 400 million consoles and gaming devices, for a total of 68 million players and 2 billion devices.
Preparations before the launch of xCloud?
The arrival of mobile versions of popular games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile or Minecraft has revived the hopes of the industry to take advantage of this huge base of devices that are smartphones.
The extension of Xbox Live to these devices, and the very popular Nintendo Switch, seems clearly thought to rely on this phenomenon. It could also be a stepping stone for Microsoft, which plans to launch in 2019 the first tests of xCloud, its service that will allow to play ambitious Xbox games on his smartphone. The firm had signed a partnership with Samsung.
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