Microsoft xCloud: a small ADSL connection will be sufficient

Like Google, Microsoft is present at the Game Developer Conference and talks about its future video game streaming service. In particular, the firm made announcements concerning the required throughput.

On the sidelines of the Game Developer Conference, the head of cloud gaming at Microsoft, Kareem Choudhry, gave an interview to the site Eurogamer. According to him, if music streaming has benefited from 3G, and video streaming was the spearhead of 4G LTE, the video game will be that of 5G. This new generation would fit perfectly with Microsoft's goal: "Our goal is to reach anyone on the planet, and allow that person to play the games they want, on the device they wish ".
"Reach anyone on the planet"
When talking about streaming games, the most important factor to guarantee a good experience will be the latency. The delay between pressing a button on the controller and the reaction of the character must be as short as possible. Microsoft promises to add less than 10 ms through its system, supposedly compared to a conventional game console: "frankly, there is a latency below the Bluetooth layer with a connection to an Android smartphone."
As Google did during the presentation of Stadia, Kareem Choudhry highlights the ubiquity of the Azure server network that allows to be closer to the user.
Less latency than Bluetooth on Android
An ADSL connection would be sufficient
Microsoft is not yet ready to give precise figures on the definition of display of the service according to the internet connection. However, during the interview, Kareem Choudhry indicated that during the demos, the bit rate went down to 9 or 10 Mbit / s, a bitrate compatible with an ADSL connection in France. Thanks to the work of Microsoft Research, he still wants to lower this minimum bitrate, and reach 5 to 6 Mbit / s, the bitrate requested by Netflix for broadcasting a video in HD.
Backward compatible service
Currently, xCloud deployment is based on the architecture of an Xbox One S, which is one of the least powerful consoles of the current generation, while Google Stadia promises performance worthy of a new generation console. Microsoft explains this choice with a need to ensure perfect backward compatibility with the Xbox One S using exactly the same architecture.
Google Stadia is announced as better than Xbox One X.
Thus, a developer who offers a game on Xbox One can very easily offer its title on xCloud. Kareem Choudhry also explains that a console like the Xbox One S is enough to run a game in Full HD, with sufficient display quality for a service that is primarily aimed at Android smartphones.
xCloud does not mark the end of consoles
When cloud gaming services are announced, the question of the end of game consoles arises. According to Microsoft, the two markets will coexist for the moment, and the firm wants to be present on both at the same time. There is no doubt that a new console will succeed the Xbox One, even if Microsoft offers next service accessible from a smartphone, PC or TV connected.
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