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Absent, as always, the annual high mass dedicated to electronics, CES, Apple did not fail to deliver a nice message to his acolytes GAFAM, Google on the front line.
Photo credit: Chris Velazco
At a time when scandals related to the sale of data continues to explode, Facebook is notably involved in dark files that tarnish its image still more, a certain Apple continues to proclaim loud and clear its desire to protect its users, and therefore, in addition, not to use the data of its customers for commercial purposes, as could Google on Android smartphones. Tim Cook hammered it and the Californian firm was obviously inspired to make it understood to the world.
When Apple attacks Google
Chris Velazco, one of the US media reporters Engadget, cracked a tweet quickly shared en masse by the community of Twitter. Present in Las Vegas on the occasion of the unmissable Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, Chris Velazco, like many others, had the pleasant surprise of discovering a huge Apple sign on which is written: "What is go on your iPhone, stay on your iPhone.

Apple never shows up at CES, so I can not say I saw this coming. pic.twitter.com/8jjiBSEu7z
– Chris Velazco (@chrisvelazco) January 4, 2019

An undisguised nod to the famous adage of the city of all vices: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", but concocted with the sauce of the mark to the apple. The icing on the cake: the message in question is close to the Convention Center, where the CES puts his bags. But above all, this clever com 'coup' aims to denounce the practices of Google, among others, which will not fail to include natively all the tools needed to collect data on its next OS, Fuchsia.
Apple, feats of arms in data protection
In 2016, Apple refused to help the FBI during a terrorist investigation. The US security agency wanted to install a backdoor on iPhone, asks that the multinational has categorically rejected, highlighting the risk to the privacy of its customers. In short, even absent from CES 2019, Apple, which organizes its own annual conferences, hovers over Las Vegas.

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