Modular Smartphone: Google does not give up the idea and works on the subject

Google relaunches the idea of ​​the modular smartphone with the publication of a new patent.

Do you remember Project Ara? This is a project that Google conducted between 2014 and 2016, whose goal was to develop a modular smartphone, which could be easily changed parts, like a desktop computer.
If Project Ara is gone, a new patent shows that Google has not abandoned the idea.
Like an air of Moto Mods
The patent 16146575 was obtained by Google in January 2019 after registration in September 2018. This is a fairly recent patent.
Recall that a patent does not necessarily mean that it will be used for a marketed product, but that it is an idea that a company can work on.

Here, the patent describes a smartphone to which it would be possible to attach an accessory to improve its functions, like the Moto Mods Motorola.
What concrete application?
It remains to be seen what would be the commercialization project of such a product. Hard to know if users interested in modularity would be enough to justify commercialization.
We can also imagine that this modularity would only serve to assemble the smartphone. It would be possible to adjust its configuration on the Google site, much like choosing the storage or processor of a MacBook or Surface.

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