Molotov "goes very well": the company wants to reassure its customers and promises "fantastic things"

Suspected of not being financially healthy, Molotov reacts and reassures about his future. In addition, the streaming platform announces "fantastic things in the coming days".

Not long ago, news surfaced about the financial health of the Molotov company, which would not look good. It was a question of a rapprochement with France Televisions or with actors like Orange or Canal +. Jean-David Blanc, founder of Molotov, was quickly mounted to deny "categorically" these rumors.
The general manager of the platform then made another statement aimed at both reassuring its users about the future of Molotov and teaser some mysterious novelties. Here is what he said in an email that the company sent us:
Molotov is fine thank you! Backed by the first investment fund of the place and leading shareholders, figures that beat all records in terms of subscriptions, audience, number of users, time spent on the platform or new users (+287,000 since the beginning of the year!), and coveted by half a dozen actors, Molotov is not for sale! We will announce fantastic things in the coming days. Stay tuned!
As a result, Molotov is expected to raise new funds and its international expansion will be accelerated. Anyway, to believe Jean-David Blanc, we will know more from here very soon. Recall that for its part, TF1 puts some sticks in the wheels of the streaming platform.
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