Molotov is not healthy, and his future looks uncertain

Molotov may be an innovative service and particularly pleasant to use, its competition has never been appreciated by market players. The service has not raised funds, and may have to yield to the players involved.

When it was released in 2016, Molotov embarked on an honorable mission: to enable our historic television channels to enter the digital age, thanks to a particularly well-designed application.
The mission was fulfilled and the formula always improved. But Molotov did not necessarily foresee the resistance of the market players, especially private channels TF1 and M6 that did not facilitate the task.
Molotov is not fit
As reveals the newspaper Les Echos, Molotov is not in an easy situation early 2019. If the company had announced a fundraising for an expansion abroad, it has still not been made.
Today, the company should be forced to give control of its start-up to other market players. Two options would be considered internally. The first is that of a rapprochement with France Televisions, well documented so far.
The ultimate goal would be for the utility to acquire the technology of the Molotov platform to create its own service, ending the private enterprise. But the negotiations would have ended without conclusion.
Change of direction
The second option is that of actors like Orange, Altice or Canal +. These companies would see the Molotov platform as a way to deploy internationally quickly. However, this was denied by Jean-David Blanc, general manager and co-founder of Molotov, who said:
"We categorically deny any purchase transaction and we will soon announce a major investor in Molotov".
For the moment, nothing is played. But the future of Molotov as a service seems more than uncertain, and the platform is expected to undergo major changes in direction in the coming months.

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