Motorola will also release its foldable smartphone, with a dose of nostalgia – MWC 2019

Motorola wants to use a foldable screen to revive the RAZR, its flip phone.

The arrival of foldable smartphones is already one of the trends of the year 2019 thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Motorola should soon join this race.
A smartphone with clamshell
Since the beginning of the year, a rumor has come from the well-known Wall Street Journal that Motorola is developing a new smartphone reviving the RAZR family. This clamshell phone would make its return thanks to foldable screens.
The Endgadget site was able to conduct an interview with Motorola's Dan Dery at MWC 2019. The latter confirmed the upcoming release of a collapsible smartphone at the American brand: "We do not have the intend to go out after our competitors. Knowing that Samsung and Huawei have announced the marketing of their devices by the middle of the year.
However, Dan Dery says he does not want to follow the same design as the two Asian manufacturers. For him, a touch screen foldable tablet is too fragile in the long run. For him, the folding OLED screen tests similar to Mate X have not been conclusive, especially because of their sensitivity to scratches (due to the use of plastic instead of glass, for the coating of the screen).

Motorola wants to design a collapsible smartphone that will not suffer from this fragility. For this, the brand wants the screen to be inside the device and not outside. This is immediately reminiscent of flip phones and patents published by the brand on this subject.
A foldable smartphone in three?
Dan Dery still explores other tracks, such as the ability to fold a tablet in three to turn it into a smartphone. According to him, Motorola is not the only one on this track, and other Chinese manufacturers are actively working on this subject. In particular "two well-known brands that did not make a lot of noise at the MWC".
One of these two brands could be Xiaomi, who recently unveiled a device of this type without saying more about it.

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