MWC 2019: 5G, foldable smartphones, new products expected at the Barcelona Motor Show

From February 25th to 28th, the Mobile World Congress will be held, the world's leading exhibition dedicated to mobile technologies. Here is what to expect from the 2019 edition, which promises to be rich in new products.

The end of February is one of the busiest times for fans of smartphones and mobile products in general. This is the time when the Mobile World Congress is taking place and where manufacturers are multiplying the announcements of the outstanding products of the first semester and the trends of the years to come. Smartphones, connected objects, networks … That's all we expect from this event.
The first 5G smartphones
The next generation of our mobile networks is increasingly talking about it. The 5G is expected to debut in several countries in 2019 and manufacturers are ready to unveil their flagships for these markets. Qualcomm will obviously be strong enough to remind us that the Snapdragon 850 is intended to be paired with the 5G compatible X50 modem.
We expect a demonstration of OnePlus on the subject, but also the presentation of a 5G mobile device at Huawei, or LG's first 5G smartphone. Oppo will also be there. Samsung will have already introduced its Galaxy S10, which should have a compatible 5G variant in some areas, but should be present in force at the MWC to demonstrate its flagship.
This will be an opportunity to discover how manufacturers have integrated this new technology, especially if it requires that smartphones become a little thicker, with larger batteries.
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New formats and foldable devices
Like the CES, the Mobile World Congress is the ideal show for brands that want to recover good media coverage through their innovations. This is an opportunity for these brands to try new formats, new designs, except the years when everyone chooses to copy Apple awkwardly.
At MWC 2019, we should be eligible for new folding appliances. We think in particular of the device teased by Nubia, but also and especially to Huawei's device which will be both foldable and 5G. It should be a real technological showcase for the Chinese brand. Oppo would also like to introduce its foldable device at the MWC 2019, but made no final promise.
The expected smartphones
Here is a quick list of smartphones that should be unveiled at MWC 2019.
Among those absent from this MWC is the Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be unveiled, but should be available for demonstration at the show. We can also mention the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro, which should rather be announced in March at an event in Paris.
Other mobile news
The Mobile World Congress is a show dedicated to mobility. This subject is mostly embodied by the smartphone, but it is not the only representative. We are therefore waiting for new products for other categories of products.
Samsung should show its new line of connected accessories, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Fit and Fit E and the new Galaxy Watch Active.
Microsoft will also make a big comeback to the MWC after several years of absence. The firm will not present a revolutionary smartphone, but rather a new generation of its augmented reality headset, Hololens 2. We hope a cheaper headphones than the previous version, marketed at 3,300 euros, and with better viewing angles .
All the new features of the MWC will of course be found on FrAndroid, a team will be on site in Barcelona to make you live this event.

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