Nemeio: an e-ink keyboard that allows you to change your keys as you see fit

A few days before the opening of CES in Las Vegas, manufacturers are starting to reveal their new products. The French LDLC hardware site will take advantage of the event to highlight its customizable keyboard concept, the Nemeio.

Even before the CES 2019 opens its doors, the manufacturers have already announced some of the novelties that will be present. This is particularly the case of the e-commerce site LDLC, specialized in computer equipment. The French site has indeed developed the Nemeio brand for its own customizable keyboard.
The Nemeio keyboard is a Bluetooth keyboard that can be synchronized with a Mac, a PC or a smartphone. It has a USB-C connection for recharging or wired connection and especially 81 keys. Their main interest lies in their personalization. Indeed, the letters, numbers or signs are not printed on the keys, but are displayed thanks to small screens in electronic ink. It is thus possible, from a software, to modify the letters to adapt it to your needs. For example, users can change the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard to replace it with "$" if they work in finance, and even with a shortcut to launch Adobe Premiere if they are video editors. Finally, this customization also displays the keys in black or white.

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The advantage as presented by LDLC is then to be able to change in one go the function of the key as well as its aesthetics, logos, signs or figures that can be displayed on the keyboard through e-ink screens.
In terms of format, the keyboard is 304 mm long by 179 mm wide and weighs 600 grams. It is equipped with a USB-C socket, a standard USB-A socket for charging a smartphone or connecting a wired mouse, navigation buttons for changing the saved keyboard profile, and a power-on button. .
However, the Nemeio keyboard is only a prototype and has not yet come into production. It will be the subject of a crowdfunding campaign in the course of the year, after its presentation at CES 2019.

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