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Nemeio is a Bluetooth keyboard whose keys benefit from an e-paper display. The product is totally customizable. We took advantage of CES 2019 to take some pictures.

Just before CES 2019, we learned that a Bluetooth keyboard called Nemeio would be introduced. It has the distinction of having keys using e-paper technology. Thanks to this detail, it is possible, via a dedicated client, to configure the entire layout of said keys. Letters, numbers, shortcuts, special options … Everything is configurable at leisure, even the color (black or white).
Nemeio comes from the incubator of the French group LDLC. 32 prerecorded keyboards can be downloaded from the software that comes with the product. These – and those you personalize – are then saved on the device and can be switched from one layout to another through buttons on the edge.

Also note that the rechargeable battery via USB-C promises a battery life of 9 hours. A classic USB-A port is also present. We enjoyed a little tour in the aisles of CES 2019 to take some pictures of the product.
Price and availability
Nemeio is still in its design phase. At the moment, the teams that are looking for a particular way to improve the touch of the keyboard. A participatory campaign will be launched in March on Indiegogo while the marketing of the finished product is set for September.
The official price is not yet known. We can expect a price ranging between 300 and 500 euros.

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