Netflix will not integrate Apple's video service and prefers to play solo

Apple is working on a video portal according to the latest rumors. However, Netflix has already announced that it is not interested in such a thing and prefers that users go through their services.

Apple has scheduled a new event on March 25, and it is expected to unveil its new ambitions in the field of video. The company is expected to present not only a direct competitor of Netflix, but also a complete portal where to find all its favorite services.
But are the main services really interested? Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, has already reacted to the rumor as the Recode site tells us.
No Netflix on Apple's video portal
The reaction is very simple: it confirms that Netflix will not be available by the future portal of Apple. And surely not on other services of this kind, as he explained during a press conference:
"Apple is a great company. We want people to watch our content on our platforms. "
Or "without offense, but we have no interest in following the desires of Apple" as we could translate. This is not the first time that Netflix is ​​moving away from the will of Apple, as evidenced by its non-integration into the Apple TV application "TV" or its exit from subscription services managed directly by the App Store.
Regarding the arrival of massive players like Disney on the market, the CEO confirms that the competition will be "difficult" but lingers to use language always positive: "These are excellent companies, large and well funded … but we do our best work when we have great competitors. "
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