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Meural, which belongs to Netgear, presents new frames at CES 2019. The goal is to make your living room a digital and dynamic art gallery.

Meural is a company that offers digital frames displaying works of art with a high level of fidelity to the board (both in terms of colors and in the transcript of textures). Netgear bought Meural and took advantage of the CES 2019 to present the future products of this range.
Netgear Meural will offer two frame sizes: 21.5 and 27 inches. Attached to the wall of a living room, these show the works of art of your choice and can be arranged vertically or horizontally (the gallery of images displayed automatically adapts accordingly).
None of the frames is tactile, because "we do not touch a work of art". Instead, they equip themselves with motion detection that is not deliberately ultra sensitive. This prevents the on-screen chart from changing as soon as someone passes by. With this feature, the user can view information about the displayed work or browse the galleries to find a new one that suits his mood.

Application and subscription
With Meural executives comes a dedicated mobile application. This allows you to control the home at home remotely, but also to import his own photos to expose them in a larger format in his living room. If you subscribe to $ 49 a year, you have access to digitized collections from a huge number of museums around the world. Netgear explains that the goal here is to bring art into the homes of its users.
Without subscription, you can still enjoy a hundred or so works recorded in the frame. Note that the application also allows you to create playlists by programming which image to display at such or such time.
Price and availability
The new Meural executives will be available in France later this year. We do not yet know the price in euros. In the United States, products will cost $ 395 for the 21.5-inch version and $ 595 for the 27-inch version. This equates to approximately 342 and 516 euros excluding taxes.

This represents a fairly high budget and proves that Meural is intended to be considered as a piece of furniture – even as an object of art – in its own right rather than as a mere gadget. It will also be recalled that technology at the service of art is not a new concept. Samsung proves this with The Wall.

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