Nine months after fatal accident, Uber receives green light to relaunch self-test

The state of Pennsylvania has authorized Uber to conduct new self-driving tests in the city of Pittsburgh, despite the fatal accident nine months ago.

Nine months. Nine months during which Uber did not conduct a single test of autonomous driving, the fault of a fatal accident occurred last March, in the city of Tempe, Arizona. At the time, the tragic event had made headlines around the world, highlighting unsuccessful automotive systems, yet supposed to transport people without any human intervention.
Negotiations with San Francisco authorities
Immediately, Uber was forced to stop all his tests in the United States. The Californian company was quickly questioned: the victim, distracted by his mobile phone, had indeed been detected, but ignored by the system. Although the accident logically put a brake on the group's projects, its desire to break through remained intact. In the same way as that of investors, like Toyota.
Nine months later, therefore, Uber received an authorization allowing him to resume the life-size tests of its autonomous vehicles, the information informs us, quoting sources close to the file. The state of Pennsylvania has given it the green light to continue its progress in the city of Pittsburgh, while negotiations with the San Francisco authorities are also underway.
Rising investments
As The Information notes, Uber has not hesitated to put its hand in the pocket in order to improve its autonomous driving systems: $ 120 million was invested in the second quarter of 2018, against 80 million l last year, during the same period. These investments seem clearly to result from the famous accident of a few months ago. A new incident like this would put Uber in trouble. There is no doubt that its technical teams have rectified all the anomalies identified until then.

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