Nintendo Switch: a developer has fun wearing Android on the portable console

What if the Nintendo Switch took advantage of Android? A developer has fun wearing the operating system on the Nintendo handheld.

Do you remember the rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch before it was officially unveiled? One indicated that the portable console could run Android and even Cyanogen. In the end, the Japanese manufacturer will have preferred to base its OS on FreeBSD. Which does not mean that Android is not somewhere related to the console …
Android on the Nintendo Switch
Following the flaw discovered on the Tegra X1, many amateur developments have started on the console. One of them is particularly interesting: a developer by the name of ByLaws has started to bring Android on the platform.

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However, this is only a beginning. ByLaws said that for the moment, the Nintendo Switch can not go beyond the Android logo; the drivers needed for this are being written. Subsequently, there is no indication that the OS is running properly and retouching will have to be done before all this is stable.
What potential interest?
This is not the first time a developer tries to bring Android to the Nintendo Switch. However, ByLaws is the first to arrive so far and seems motivated to see his project go all the way. Like the Switch emulator on Android, however, it is primarily a passionate project, not necessarily other ambition to be fun.
Nevertheless, all this could lead to some interesting features. If replacing the OS of the Switch by Android is not a good idea in itself, succeed in creating a dual boot between the OS Switch and Android could multiply the interest of the machine. In addition, such a development could motivate Nintendo to make more services compatible with its console: for the moment, only YouTube is really present on the Switch.

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