Nintendo Switch at 279 euros, Honor 10 at 299 euros and GoPro Hero7 Black at 349 euros for the Megapeak Rakuten

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    Balances are approaching, and Rakuten is already taking advantage of great offers for its Megapeak. Super Points are multiplied, and promotions rain on products like the Nintendo Switch, the Honor 10 or the GoPro Hero7 Black.

Rakuten's Megapeak offer is back on Sunday, January 6th. On this special day, purchases from the Rakuten mobile app see the number of Super Points multiplied. Points that are then converted into a purchase order to use on the site. These Super Points can represent up to 20% of your purchases depending on your status at Club R. You can find their full functioning in a dedicated article.
The Nintendo Switch at 279 euros
Alone or with others, on your TV or in the train, the Nintendo Switch will give you many hours of pleasure. Already because it is a hybrid console that you can bring everywhere. And especially with its game catalog and exclusive licenses that you will not find elsewhere: Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Pokemon, etc. As many licenses as reasons to buy a Nintendo Switch.

Why is this product recommended?
Made for both hardcore and hardcore gamers
Fun everywhere, from bed to subway
To play Super Smash Bros
Find the Nintendo Switch at a price of 279 euros on Rakuten, with 56 euros refunded in Super Points. What do you take directly a new game (you knew that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was 51 €?).
             Find the Nintendo Switch on Rakuten
The Honor 10 at 299 euros
The Honor 10 was one of the most competitive phones of the year 2018. Offered at a small price compared to the competition, it offers a high-end processor (the Kirin 970), a unique design and a good camera. It embeds the EMUI interface of the Huawei parent company, which is known to be extremely complete. Finally, it has a very good battery life and a fast charge that can earn you a precious percentage in a short period of time.

Why is this product recommended?
Unique design in a relatively compact format
Beautiful photos (if you disable the AI)
Globally efficient and offering a smooth experience
The Honor 10 is available at a price of 299 euros on Rakuten, with 60 euros redeemed in Super Points.
             Find the Honor 10 on Rakuten
The GoPro Hero7 Black at 349 euros
GoPro, the iconic brand of action cam, hit hard with this Hero7 Black, his latest camera. Very easy to use, it is aimed at the general public who wants to film and quickly. The integrated stabilization system works wonders, and the possibility of immersing it without a box is a real plus. GoPro requires, this action camera is compatible with many accessories, such as harnesses, stabilizers, bindings, etc.

Why is this product recommended?
From 4K to 60 frames per second
Stabilization and integrated timelapse mode
Suitable for both beginners and seasoned
The GoPro Hero7 Black is in promotion at the price of 349 euros on Rakuten, with 70 euros refunded in Super Points.
             Find the GoPro Hero7 Black on Rakuten


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