Nintendo Switch: no price drop or new model coming soon

After some rumors, the boss of Nintendo Japan has officialized that the Nintendo Switch would not know any price decrease or new model at the moment.
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo is doing very well. In 2018, its latest home and laptop mixing console – the Nintendo Switch – was simply the best-selling console in Japan and the US with a lifespan of only two years while Super Smash Bros Ultimate broke records. of sale.
If the company recently announced the postponement of Metroid Prime 4, we bet that it will not miss games in its third year of existence. To perpetuate it, the rumor wanted a price drop and a new model to be unveiled in 2019.
No new Nintendo Switch in 2019
In the end, it will be nothing. And that, it is held by Shuntaro Furukawa, the current president of Nintendo, in the Japanese newspaper The Sankei News (translated by Nintendo Everything).
Returning to the goal unveiled by the company to sell 20 million Nintendo Switch during the fiscal year, he said:
"It's an ambitious goal, but it's worth it. So we will maintain it. The Nintendo Switch is our main belly target, and we are not considering a price cut or successor at the moment. "
That puts an end to the rumors, at least for 2019. It must be said that in itself, the Nintendo Switch does not miss momentum on the market. More than a hardware update, it needs games to continue on this excellent momentum.



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