Nintendo Switch: the development of an emulator for Android is underway

Just out, already emulated? An independent developer is working on the conversion of a Nintendo Switch emulator, the latest Nintendo console, for Android.

It is a tradition that continues over the years: the fate of all consoles is to be emulated on PC. Whether the goal of the developer is noble (save the history of the video game) or not (play without buying the console), this type of project continues to be developed.
The Nintendo Switch, the latest Nintendo console released two years ago now, is no stranger to it. Despite his youth, a first emulator project is already showing his progress.
Nintendo Switch Emulator on Android
The Ryujinx team managed to create an emulator named MonoNX for Windows. It is already able to launch some games, but the performances are not at the rendezvous.
From now on, it is an adaptation on Android of this same emulator which is on the agenda. The ctrninja member of the GBA Temp forum managed to convert the project to our mobile platform. If this one is far from ready and displays for the moment only the output of the console, it is a first step more than impressive.

This only requires an ARM64 processor or 64-bit x86 to work. His works, still in progress, are available for download on the Play Store.
That a matter of time
It must be understood that the creation of an emulator is often a story of passion for reverse engineering. These projects are often the result of a developer's curiosity about how a particular system works, which they peel before replicating. Here, for example, this Android port is made by a young 17-year-old developer (whom we contacted for more information).
Still, it's only a matter of time before a fully functional Nintendo Switch emulator arrives. And for good reason: the movement of developers is added the relative ease of the procedure. The latest Nintendo console uses the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor well known to Android programmers, while its operating system (named Horizon in-house) is based on FreeBSD, a kernel there again very well known.
Also, all this makes it easier for developers to create an emulator. Nevertheless, it is more than likely that Nintendo delivers a merciless war: the emulators continue to exist in a gray area legally speaking, and the Japanese manufacturer still has in mind the hell of hacking Nintendo DS and Wii.
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