Nintendo Switch: two new consoles would come out this summer

Two new Nintendo Switch are in preparation and would see the light this summer according to information from the Wall Street Journal.
Nintendo Switch
It's been several months since we heard that a new, better equipped Nintendo Switch was in the pipes. However, the boss of Nintendo Japan was eager to deny these corridor sounds. Despite this, information to this effect continued to abound and a Nintendo Switch Lite, smaller and lighter, was even mentioned.
Now, it is Takashi Mochizuki, a famous Wall Street Journal reporter, who comes to publish an article announcing that two new Nintendo Switch would be planned for a release this summer. This information comes from well-informed sources says the reporter.
Pro version and Lite version
The first model would be equipped with improved features compared to the original Nintendo Switch to reach an audience of more demanding players. The Wall Street Journal still specifies that this declination would not be as powerful as the Playstation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X.
The second new console would aim to be more affordable financially with, in return, a few features. The idea here is to miniaturize the Nintendo Switch to make it more portable for people who only want to play in portable mode.
See you at E3
The Wall Street Journal writes that both consoles should be presented at E3 next June. A different design of the first Nintendo Switch is mentioned, but it will be necessary to wait for the officialization to discover more.

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