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Nissan took advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 to present the latest version of its flagship electric model: the Nissan Leaf e +, more powerful, more autonomous and more enjoyable to drive.

If the Tesla Model 3 is expected firmly in Europe – beginning of deliveries in February 2019 – the new electric Nissan should also arouse a particular interest in the automotive community. For the Japanese manufacturer has unveiled the 2019 version of its model, called Nissan Leaf e +, or Leaf 3.Zero e + in Europe, as we learn from a press release published on January 9, 2019.
The Old Continent will benefit from 5,000 copies in limited edition at first, before a new batch does not emerge according to its success, one can imagine. Still, this Nissan electric sports a completely different face in this new year 2019: power, autonomy and technology are the main watchwords, as revealed by its ever more attractive technical sheet.
Major efforts on autonomy
The Leaf 3.Zero e + has a new 160 kW (220 horsepower) electric motor, as well as a brand new 62 kW battery. Consequences: its acceleration is improved by 13% between 80 and 120 km / h, when its autonomy climbs to 385 kilometers, according to the WLTP cycle. For comparison, its predecessor offered a 110 kW (150 horsepower) engine and a durability of 270 kilometers.

In theory, a user would be able to drive 60 kilometers a day for five days before having to reload his vehicle. In other words, you will spend your work week without having to give it juice again. This electric city car also has a larger touch screen, eight inches exactly, itself equipped with a navigation system synchronized with some smartphones.
A price still expensive
This is what the firm of the Land of the Rising Sun calls "door-to-door navigation", that is to say the possibility of connecting the navigation service of the vehicle to that of your mobile device. The planned route on the latter will then appear in real time on the eight-inch screen. The Nissan Connect application will allow you to consult the status of the vehicle's battery, search for the nearest charging station or configure the heating and cooling of the car, remotely.

The famous e-Pedal, presented last year by the editor, has obviously not disappeared. It has been reworked to provide you with improved feedback and smoother, faster deceleration for a smoother ride with a better user experience. Not to mention the standalone features provided by ProPilot: safety distance adjustment, automatic emergency braking and keeping in the lane.
Deliveries of the Leaf 3.Zero e + will begin in mid-2019: plan the sum of 45,500 euros to enjoy it.

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