Nubia tease an ambitious foldable device for the MWC 2019

Nubia sent out invitations to the press for its conference at the MWC 2019. The brand took the opportunity to teaser what seems to be a hybrid between a smartphone and a connected watch.

We hear a lot about foldable smartphones right now. Samsung should tell a little more about his project at the presentation of the Galaxy S10, February 20. For its part, Xiaomi has confirmed its intention to transform its doubly foldable prototype into a finished product in order to market it.
And meanwhile, the MWC 2019 is fast approaching. And at this show, we can see a brand new product from Nubia. The ZTE subsidiary sent an invitation to the editors to invite them to an event on February 25, at 18:00, in Barcelona. On the cardboard, you can read the following inscription: "Flex your life". Literally, "bend your life" in French.

Nubia Alpha
This slogan may refer to a foldable smartphone, but it is possible that this product is a little more ambitious and original than that. Indeed, the Greek letter alpha – "α" – appears in the center of the invitation. This can make us think of the Nubia Alpha which was a concept at the crossroads between the connected watch and the smartphone. A kind of smartphone roll around the wrist.
The black silhouette clearly visible on the image tends to reinforce us in this idea. The object thus discreetly shown could well marry the shape of a wrist.
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