Nvidia Shield: a new controller and a new remote control for a possible new TV box

The Nvidia Shield, the box Android TV, could be entitled to a new version. This is suggested by the preparation of new peripherals.

The Nvidia Shield may have been released in 2015, before being entitled to a small update of design in 2017, it remains our box Android TV favorite. Two years later, we hope with hope a new version developed by Nvidia.
This wish could soon be granted, that's what two new code names suggest.
Stormcaster and Friday
Searching through Nvidia's latest source code releases, a developer has found two new code names "Stormcaster" and "Friday". According to the source code, the first name refers to a new controller, while the second is a new version of the Shield remote control.
Asked by XDA developers, Nvidia did not hide the existence of code names, but said "these references (note: code names) remain even when it becomes unlikely that the project ends up being produced. ". The brand adds "we do not comment on what are the code names that refer to products in development, or those that refer to inactive or abandoned projects".
These two code names could therefore be references to an abandoned revision of the Nvidia Shield. After all, the Shield was first and foremost a demonstration of the capabilities of the Tegra X1, which has since found a buyer with the Nintendo Switch, and in the automotive sector.


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